Tuesdays - Ballroom and Latin - 

R750 per 8 week course, per person

(CLASS START 24 February 2015) 8-9pm


Wednesdays - Salsa - 

R750 per 8 week course, per person

(CLASS START 25 february 2015) 8-9pm 

Wednesdays - Kizomba - 

R750 per 8 week course, per person

(CLASS START  25 February 2015) 7-8pm

Thursdays - Argentine Tango - 

R750 per 8 week course, per person

(CLASS START 26 February 2015) 8-9pm

Fridays - bachata - 

R750 per 8 week course, per person

(CLASS START 27 february 2015) 7-8pm


Get up to 25% Discount when signing up


25% off if paid before 20 February 2015

15% off if paid before 25 February 2015


The Dance Café is a social dance studio that teaches a proprietary Ballroom/Latin syllabus to members of the public and is a member of the South African Dance Foundation (SADF).

Dance Cafe offers myriad services including dance coaching, choreography, performance, team-building, entertainment and venue hire for functions/events.

Dance Cafe - Private Lessons & Group classes
Argentine Tango, Ballroom and Latin American, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Rueda and many more.



Come and get the Bachata beat every Friday 7-8pm at Dance Cafe, don't miss it.also part of dance as much as you can and 8 week group course
Price: R100.00
Come and ignite your Kizomba fire every Wednesday 7-8pm at Dance Cafealso part of dance as much as you can and 8 week group course
Price: R100.00
Whether its the fun of Line dancing, the strength of Pilates & Yoga, the energy of Hip Hop or the sensuality of Belly dancing……get your morning mojo going and ignite your day through the Energy of...More>>
Price: R500.00
Experience the thrill of dancing Argentine Tango and improve your dancing skills, Learn to dance Argentine tango in a delightful social and friendly environment. Our instructors are professional...More>>
Price: R750
Maybe you want to become a professional ballet dancer, or maybe you're curious to try a few moves. Perhaps your child is begging to take ballet lessons. Ballet is fun no matter how old you are or what...More>>
Price: R100
Learn a complement of 10 dances styles in 8 weeks, starting at the end of the month is a new 8 week Ballroom & Latin America group course with classes on Tuesday evenings from 8 - 9pm. Beginners,...More>>
Price: R750
Charlotte will be hosting a BELLY DANCE class where experienced dancers who want to do occasional shows or are looking for “finishing” touches to their dance style, can join in. Content: cardio...More>>
CONTEMPORARY dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind...More>>
Price: R100
Dance Cafe offers a complimentary half hour introductory lessons to persons interested in taking private lessons. Please come in, try our syllabus and see what we are all about.
Price: Free
Flamenco dance (baile) is a highly-expressive, Spanish dance form. The flamenco dance is characterised by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movements. Classes...More>>
Hip Hop is an active process of creative awareness, self expression and learning new body movements that improve your mobility, flexibility and general health... but most importantly it is just plain...More>>
Price: R100
Line Dancing is a great workout and something for the solo dancers to aspire to. Dance Cafe is taking line dancing to a new level.Terri will be teaching the SADTA syllabus which will provide medal...More>>
Price: R100
Learn to dance one of the most thrilling dances at Jo'burg's premier dance studio. Join our 8 week salsa group course with classes on Wednesday evenings from 8 – 9pm. Classes for beginners,...More>>
Price: R750
For the married couple-to-be, solidify your bond on the dance floor as you will in your life together. Let us tailor an elegant and romantic dance sequence to your specifications. Contact us for a...More>>
Pilates: teaches body awareness, good posture and easy graceful movement. Pilates promotes flexibility, agility and economy of motion - essential for peak performance in sports and dance. Regular...More>>
Price: R100
Immediate Stress Release, Gentle Aerobic Workout, Revived Energy Levels, Emotional Regulation & Soothing Stretching. Weekly sessions @ the Dance Cafe in Blue Heaven
Details to follow soon ...
Rueda is sort of a cross between salsa and square dancing: people pair up and form a circle, one person calls out moves for everybody to do at the same time, and there's lots of partner changing. Not...More>>
Price: R100.00

About Us

Joburg's premier dance studio specialising in social dance coaching, choreography and performance.

Ballroom/Latin, Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Pilates, Salsa, Ballet, Bollywood, Hip hop, Paso Doble, Pilates, Brazilian Zouk, and many more...

School Arts & Culture workshops, Kids Theatre Camp, Corporate Team building, Brand Threatre, Brand wars...

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Vibe: Welcoming, engaging, fun

Dress Code: Casual, dance genre appropriate

Entrance: Entrance is free, only on our Friday night socials do we charge R60 entrance fee. Our studio is open 10am to 10pm, Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays

Music: Relatively Spanish and Caribbean,

  • Gauteng
    South Africa

Rivonia, Sandton, Sunnunhill